Rear Delt Fly

Primary Muscles Worked

Posterior deltoid


Secondary Muscles Worked

Teres Minor, Infraspinatus, Rhomboids, Middle Traps



  1. Set weight as per program (If you haven’t received a program start lighter then progress to a heavier weight)

  2. To adjust the seat, pull the yellow pin at the back, adjust to the required height and push the pin securely in

  3. With this machine, you will need to adjust the arms. Pull the yellow pin and swing away from you (see video for assistance)



  1. For this exercise you need to be facing the machine when on the seat, ensuring your chest is firming against the pad

  2. Grab the handles at the bottom, squeezing your back muscles together as you pull the handles out, and slowly return for the next repetition

  3. Exhale as you draw your arms back, inhale as you bring them in

  4. Gently rest the arms back to their original position to finish the set