Omni Leg Press

Primary Muscles Worked



Secondary Muscles Worked

Hamstrings, Glutes



  1. Set weight as per program (If you haven’t received a program start lighter then progress to a heavier weight)

  2. Adjust the seat to find a comfortable back position

  3. Position feet - Feet should be shoulder width apart and the ankles, knees and hips form a straight line


  1. Pull handle and slide chair forward to ensure there is a 90 degree angle at the knee

  2. Grab handles on the side

  3. Push through the heels, exhale for 2 seconds on the way out and inhale for 3 seconds on the way in

  4. Avoid locking knees out during the exercise, this will create unwanted strain and can cause injury

  5. Finish the movement by returning to the starting position, this will disengage the weight stack. Grab the handle underneath the seat and slide back