Assisted Dip

Primary Muscles Worked



Secondary Muscles Worked

Rhomboids, Anterior Deltoid, Biceps, Pectorals, Latissimus Dorsi



  1. With assisted dip machine, the more weight added the easier the exercise becomes. Therefore set the weight as per your program (If you haven’t received a program start easier then progress to harder option)

  2. Adjust bar width ensuring they are locked in properly. Choose a width slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Notch 2 is a good starting point



  1. Be careful when getting on the machine, use the step on the side

  2. Slowly lower your body down on a count of 3 and up on a count of 2

  3. Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up

  4. To dismount the machine step to the side and allow the weight to return slowly to the top, step off carefully