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Phil from Jetts Alexandria

We have some seriously amazing members who are smashing their fitness goals. Check out Jetts Alexandria member, Phil's story… 

How long have you been involved in outrigging and when did you first start competing?

I have been involved for over 15 years and I started competing pretty soon after I got involved.

What are you training for right now?

State title on March 8th and 9th I will be defending my state title. National titles will be in Mooloolaba in April & the Hamilton island cup in June.

Do you ever have days when you really can’t be bothered training? If so how do you stay motivated to train

Of course I do, but I know what’s going to make the difference between me and my competitors, so finding some extra motivation to get myself through the doors of Jetts at 5:30am. Plus Boris my trainer will rip into me during the next session if I slack off.

Can you give us an example of a typical weeks training?

Monday: Gym session at 5:30am at Jetts.

Tuesday: AM Cycling PM Team training

Wednesday: Gym session at 5:30am at Jetts

Thursday: AM cycling PM team training

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Team training

Sunday: Team training

What’s you biggest achievement so far?

June 2013 winning the silver medal in the two man sprint at Hamilton Island Cup against the best competitors in the world and then winning Gold the next day in the two man 8km race against former world champions.

What do you hope to be doing 5 years from now?

To still be paddling competitively and also having my own outrigging clinic on the south coast.

How do you find a work/life/study balance?

Fortunately I have my own business as a builder, my eldest son is working with me. He is also a competitive cyclist so we have a great understanding between each other. I also have a loving and supportive wife, Anica, by having people in your life, who help and are supportive is a great advantage.

What’s your ultimate goal?

To win the world title of course, I’m not here for a haircut.

What’s always in your fridge and are you strict on yourself when it comes to food?

Spinach leaves and water, and thanks to my mother in law, pickled chilies.

I’m not strict on my diet but luckily my wife is, she is my best asset.

What is a typical day’s menu for you?

Breakfast: oats with skim milk and a skim cappuccino

Lunch: salad leaves with a can of mackerel or salmon

Dinner: Salad with beans and lentils and a piece of fish or steak.

Why is Jetts perfect for you?

Right across from where I live and also Boris is my trainer and also a friend now.

Who is your inspiration and why?

My grandmother Ethel, she instilled in me from an early stage that I could achieve great things. 

If you could invite 5 people to a BBQ at your place who would they be?

Mohammad Ali

My grand parents

And Sting

What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

From my father James, he gave me a little quote;

“At 18 I couldn’t believe how much my father didn’t know,

at 21 I couldn’t how much I’d learnt and,

at 25 I couldn’t believe how much my father knew all along”


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