Success Stories

Peter from Jetts Hallet Cove

Every month we are indundated with amazing stories from members who have achieved great success. Check out Peter from Jetts Hallet Cove's story below.

What results have you achieved since being a member at Jetts?
I have been a member of Jetts since January 2014 and during this time I have lost a total of 47kgs.

Why Jetts? What do you love about your local club?
The team at Jetts Hallet Cove are so friendly. The other members make it a joy to work out. The location is also great as the gym is walking distance from my house. 

Who is your motivation?
Dwayne the club manager because he always knows how to push me that little bit harder. Alice my Personal Trainer has also been a massive help as she pushes me past my comfort zone. 

What do you think has been the key to your success so far?
I just don't give up. I always look for new challenges.

What keeps you motivated on days you just can't be bothered getting out of bed?
I always keep the end result in mind and focus on how far I've come.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
That exercise and healthy eating isn't a phase, it's a lifestyle. 

What advice can you give to others that want to change their life?
Set yourself some realistic goals and don't be discouraged if you slip up from time to time. Make sure to give yourself a treat once in a while. It's all about balance.

We love to share our member's success stories, so if you’ve made big changes to your health and fitness tell us about them here.