Success Stories


“I joined Jetts Bundaberg in 2010, 130kg, depressed, alcoholic and heading no where. I had my PT certs before I became overweight and depressed and I had been drinking heavily for a year since moving to a new town with no friends and a rough break up. It was a very scary part in my life and I came close to death, spending 3 days intense care after trying to commit suicide. After getting out of hospital one day I was reading the paper I saw an add for a new gym coming to town, a 24 hour gym. I could no believe it and I knew this once my chance to get fit again.

After spending hours upon hours in the gym, 2 and a bit years later I became the head PT at Jetts Bundaberg, I'm now 86kg and love to train at least twice or three times a day, I don't touch alcohol and I have changed many lives and my business strives with 50-70 sessions a week depending on the time of year!

“I'm moving up soon to open and manage Jetts Townsville, its very exciting and It was all done at JETTS! IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.”