Success Stories

Lucy from Jetts Kingsway

Meet Lucy...Lucy joined Jetts Kingsway with a special goal in mind. She wanted to live out of the square, break her comfort zone and climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Located in Tanzania, West Africa and peaking at 19,341ft above sea level, it would be an endurance test of physical and mental abilities. To prepare herself, Lucy trained with her personal trainer Amanda 2-3 mornings a week to increase her overall body strength. She made her way to Jacobs Ladder at 4am (before work!!) twice a week to climb it 10-12 times, and spent her weekends working on endurance by doing 15-20km bush hikes!

Once at Mt Kilimanjaro Lucy found herself climbing up and down again to get used to the altitude, but after 6 long days Lucy had completed her journey with renewed strength and vitality. Ensuring she maintains all the hard work she has invested in herself, Lucy keeps up her Personal Training with Amanda. Your ability is truly amazing, and accomplishments limitless Lucy!