Success Stories

Dan from Jetts Canningvale

In July 2012, Jetts Canningvale member Dan Hughes had a dirt bike accident. He was rushed to hospital where he was told the news no one ever wants to hear - there was a good chance he would never walk again.

Dan broke t6 and t7 vertebrae in his spine, had internal bleeding, broke 2 ribs, his sternum and some of the fingers in his hand. He later had an operation to brace his spine with titanium rods. Dan was in intensive care for a week before being moved into trauma. Dan then spent 3 months of rehabilitation in RPH Shenton Park classified as an incomplete paraplegic. As time went on he slowly got feeling back through his toes, feet and finally his legs. And with a strong determination to walk again and with a lot of hard wokr, he was eventually back on his feet.

A year later he had the titanium rods taken out of his back.

Dan has now made a fully recovery and is back training in the gym and outdoors, hoping one day to compete in Martial Arts and other sporting events.

Congratulations Dan on your success! Your determination to not give up is truly inspiring!