Success Stories


About eight months ago Ashlee made a life changing decision that she would loose 51kg. She’s already lost 25kg, and is determined to keep going until she reaches her goal!

“I was drinking all the time, eating only take away, sitting on the couch watching tv.”

“I did not like where my life was headed. Then I met my amazing partner, Adam, and he helped me stop doing drugs and stop smoking. We continued with the alcohol, but started substituting the others with food. Food and food and more food.”

“One day I woke up and didn't know who I was anymore. I thought, "Where did I go? Who is this fat, pathetic, thing staring back at me?" So we did it. Adam lost 20kg, I've lost 25kg and still losing.”

“Jetts Bundaberg has become our second home. Keegan (Manager) is (awesome!!) always so friendly and helpful - answering all my questions, no matter how silly or how repetitive! I train with Nate (Assistant Manager/ PT) three times a week,I’ve been training with him for the past six months. I have come to see him as my mentor. He understands what I am going through because he has been there too.”

My starting stats: 126.7kg, size 24 pants, 137cms around my belly button.

Current: 102.1kg, size 16/14 pants, belly button 108cms.

I'm still going!! There's no stopping me now!