Success Stories


This time last year Anthony was a different person. Weighing 100kg, he had a pretty big scare spending 3 days in hospital with a suspected heart attack. With the help of some inspirational friends, and a Jetts club opening in his area, Anthony embarked on a journey that would change his life.

After a lot of hard work, almost the one year anniversary of Anthony’s change, he’s gone from 100kg to 76kg.

“I now dumbbell bench press 22.5kg weights and run over 5k without thinking. I still exercise six days a week; upper, lower and jog in rotation. I have gone from XXL to medium, gone from size 38 pants to size 32. When I started at the gym I wore oversized t-shirts to hide myself away. Now I only feel comfortable in sleeveless tops.”

“I have a couple of aims for this year. I want to do The Age Melbourne Run, hopefully the 10k route so I need to start building up my distance for that and, yes, the Eureka stair climb is on the list. I think that will be tougher than the 10k run but I think I can do it.”

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