Success Stories


Amy joined Jetts in Feb of 2012. She has lost an impressive 23kg’s and gone from a size 14 to a size 6 - 8 of pure muscle.

“I started my journey in December 2011, I am a mother of 2 who just let life get the better of me for a while but at 73kg’s and very unhappy, I decided enough was enough. My youngest child was starting school in 2012 and I knew I would finally have the time to join a gym.”

“When I started at Jetts, I found for the first time in my life, I loved exercise and began really pushing myself. I met some really great people and great Jetts staff. One of the PT’s at the time Jackie, inspired me to set a goal of competing and although it had never crossed my mind, it became a real focus for me.”

“With the help of the staff at Jetts Caloundra, Dmitri is incredible, and some other people that have come into my life, many of whom I’m sure are annoyed with the thousands of questions I have, I will achieve my current goal of competing in Fitness Model Category this year and go on to my ultimate goal of Figure Condition for 2014.”

“During this process I have learned a lot about food, the importance of the effect it has on my body and how to control my eating habits a lot better. Not eating did work but it was very difficult, was not sustainable and my body could not perform at its best. It was very difficult to let my children have the things they liked but to restrict myself.  There were many nights where I nearly fainted after running my bum off on the treadmill from not eating enough food. Now I eat 5-6 small meals a day and I am just sensible about what I eat but still let myself have treats.”

“My biggest thing is my routine! I found that once I put the Jetts gym into my daily routine and made sure there were no excuses, the consistency paid off. It has been a hard road but anything is possible if YOU want it bad enough and are willing to commit to it.”

“I never thought that by just joining Jetts that I would find a love for weights and have it inspire me to achieve. Thanks Dmitri and Lisa and thanks Jetts.”